Patented Pekotek Non-Waste abrasive recycling system

Simple and reliable system for variable abrasive materials. No mechanical conveyors.

  • floor hoppers for collecting blasting abrasive. No need to deep foundation pit.
  • arbrasive transporting, separation, filtering and waste removal only with one fan, no conveyors or elevators.
  • compact equipment size, flexible location and quick assembling.
  • Multi abrasive possibility; Steel grit, Aluminum oxide, glass beads etc. possible to use in same chamber. Conveying by air combined to magnetic separation gives best possible separation and abrasive cleaning. Only turn of the switch to change material and different abrasives stay in their own storage silos.
  • manual or robot blasting
  • special protected lights
  • considered chamber and protective constructions
  • combined blasting/painting/drying chamber


Functioning principle

One fan produces the air flow that is sufficient for material transport, air conditioning of the cabin, dust filtering and waste moving. Air is sucked through the NON-WASTE hoppers (2). The used blasting material moves with air from the hoppers to the classifier(14). From there the usable material will be returned to the blasting device (19). Dusty air goes through filtering. The filters (13) are cleaned by automatic impulse cleaning system. Waste from the cleaning process drops to the bottom of the filtering unit (16). Then it goes either to the waste container (18) or optionally will be moved by the air flow into a cyclone (17) and finally to a waste container. Cleaned air flows through the fan (15) to be blown out (8) (in summer) or 80% of it will be returned (6) back to the chamber (in winter). The supply air (12) is fresh air from outside or from ambient hall. Explore more on Video

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