Low energy and safe painting/drying chambers

  • fresh air/exhaust air conditioning equipment with several layer filtering
  • heating system (water/steam, oil/gas, electricity, ground heat)
  • heat recovery unit with min 70% efficiency
  • automatic gas control system
  • chamber structures according to production needs and fire regulations
  • ATEX-proof lights and components
  • manual or power & free conveyors
  • combinated blastin/painting/drying chamber

Functioning principle

Several level filtering of the painting booth keeps air channels and equipment clean and keeps environmental dust emissions minimal.

Automatic gas control system guarantee clean and safe working conditions and adjust exhaust air volume according to real ventilation need enabling air circulation and energy save.

Compact size and pre assembled equipment, flexible location and quick installation.

Including or having place for integrated dryer or evaporator for later installation.

Including or having place for automatic process condition monitoring and data collecting.

Including or having place for integrated VOC-emission catalytic burning system. Catalytic

Heat recovery system

The rotating heat exchanger guarantees high efficiency min 70%.

Extra filters keep the system service free and efficiency at original level.

Integrated assembly does not enlarge the size of the equipment.

After lower energy supply heating unit size is smaller. In addition to above also environmental emissions become lower.

Heat recovery system can be assembled also to existing painting plants. It is possible to get high using costs of the old equipment to modern level with only short investment amortization schedule.

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