Modernizations of surface treatment lines

Pekotek's special expertise is the modernization of old surface treatment lines.

It is not sensible to always invest in a new surface treatment line if modernizing the old one achieves the desired result

Pekotek's special expertise is the modernization of old surface treatment lines. In most cases, modernizations replace one or more stages of the surface treatment process with a new one or improve the efficiency of the line with additions. Typical efficiency modernizations include improving the energy efficiency of old painting lines with heat recovery technology or retrofitting an old natural sand blasting plant for recyclable steel abrasive.

Demolition of old equipment

In most cases, modernization projects involve the dismantling of old equipment that has reached the end of its life cycle. We take care of the safe dismantling of the equipment and the proper disposal / recycling of waste.



Machine installations taking into account production requirements

We install refurbishable machines flexibly on the terms of the customer's production time and minimize production downtime. We are also able to supply temporary surface treatment solutions in the event of a longer production outage.

Prefabricated assemblies

We always strive to deliver pre-prepared units as much as possible in order to minimize the installation time at the end customer's premises. Manufacturing and equipment takes place at Pekotek's Reijola factory.

With a heat recovery of the paint shop, a short payback period

Efficient and maintenance-free heat recovery restores at least 70% of the exhaust air energy. In addition, automatic gas monitoring ensures clean and safe working conditions, adjusts the exhaust air according to the actual need and enables air recirculation while saving energy. Compact pre-assembled and electrified equipment that can be flexibly placed in existing spaces with quick installation.

The payback period of an heat recovery package is about 2 to 3 years.

Energy efficiency significantly reduces operating costs

Contact us to find out if your surface treatment line has the potential to save energy or increase efficiency through modernization. Based on the study visit, we get estimates and calculations of the savings potential. 

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