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Professional blasting and painting wherever it's needed.

Surface finishing solution that that grows – and goes – with your business.

Pekotek MOBL is a transportable, 2-in-1 multi-purpose booth that lets you blast, paint and dry all in the same chamber – virtually anywhere.

This mobile, all-in-one solution can be set up in a flash – operable in 48 hours – and it’s just half the size of a traditional line.

Being fully modular, it can be expanded to a full-scale finishing line withease should your needs ever change, making MOBL the smartest, most cost-effective mobile blasting and painting solution available today.

Flexibility. Just what every modern production line needs.

Production needs change all the time. And space will always be a commodity. Pekotek MOBL is an all-in-one resurfacing solution that can quickly adapt to handle a variety of objects and be flexible enough to grow when production demands increase.

Want to boost production? No problem. Pekotek MOBL is designed for expansion to a full-scale finishing line simply by adding the following modules: 

  • Full painting line module (+100% capacity)
  • Drying kiln module (+50% capacity)

Forget fixed walls. Mobility matters.

With Pekotek MOBL you get industrial-grade blasting, painting and drying in one movable container. It’s the perfect mix of mobility and flexibility to meet your ever-changing, and growing, production needs – wherever they may be.

Pekotek MOBL can be up and running quickly – operable in 48 hours – compared to a traditional finishing line which can take up to 3 weeks or longer.

And at half the size of a traditional line, and a half of the cost of a typical fixed structure, Pekotek MOBL also makes sense for your bottom line. Plus you have the ability to transform the modular MOBL container to a full-scale finishing line if needed.

With more "go" and the ability to grow, what more could a business ask for?

When the dust settles, Pekotek MOBL is the only one standing.

There's another reason why Pekotek MOBL outperforms the competition and it too can give a tremendous boost to your bottom line.

Unlike traditional, mechanical-floor blaster rooms, Pekotek MOBL utilizes unique air flow conveying solution to move and recycle abrasive. That eliminates the troubleshooting, maintenance and repair costs involved with typical mechanical-floor solutions.

Just think, you get simplicity, reliability and low operating costs, without profit-killing downtime for repairs. No matter how you paint it, MOBL is smarter, cleaner and more cost-effective.

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Data-driven production. Work smarter.

Data continues to drive production optimization in every industry. That’s why Pekotek MOBL is designed future-proof by offering a real-time digital dashboard.

That lets you remotely monitor surface treatment conditions, energy consumption and maintenance needs – for better control, greater production-line efficiency and peace of mind.