Advanced wet painting

Pekotek Oy specializes in deliveries of industrial surface treatment lines.

Painting plants are equipped with modern technology, taking into account occupational safety, energy and cost efficiency, work quality requirements and flexibility.

The equipment is Pekotek's own products and is manufactured at the Joensuu Finland plant in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations in force. Our painting process is equipped with gas / humidity control as well as efficient heat recovery and low energy consumption. The equipment is reliable and low maintenance. Pekotek with over 25 years. operating experience for reliable and efficient production.

The most energy-efficient wet painting solutions on the market

Our painting process is equipped with gas / humidity control as well as efficient heat recovery and low energy consumption. The equipment is reliable and low maintenance. All fans are equipped with frequency converters, so the vacuum balance and air volumes in the chambers can be adjusted automatically, taking into account the optimal energy consumption and conditions.

Automatic gas monitoring ensures clean and safe working conditions and adjusts the exhaust air according to the actual need, enabling efficient air recirculation.

Efficient and maintenance-free heat recovery restores at least 70% of the exhaust air energy

The rotating heat recovery device achieves a high efficiency of at least 70%. Additional filters ensure maintenance-free maintenance and efficiency. The integrated design does not increase the device size.

The need for thermal energy imported from outside the system is reduced, which in turn reduces the size of the required boilers, radiators, etc. In addition to the above, emissions to the environment are reduced.

Heat recovery and solvent concentration monitoring can also be installed in old paint shops.

Digital productivity tools for paint shops

The paint shop's condition system provides a lot of useful information from the painting line, which can be used to ensure surface treatment conditions and uninterrupted production, as well as to improve productivity.

The system can be expanded according to the customer's needs and everything that can be measured with sensors can also be brought to the visual. For example, reporting tools can be used to monitor efficiency between shifts, utilization rates, and / or work piece tracking due process.

Paint Kitchens

The solvent gases in the paint warehouse are actively monitored by automatic gas monitoring. Only when the solvent content rises does the ventilation phase start automatically, in which case the exhaust air is led out. Concentration when it drops to the allowed level, it returns to standby mode.

We deliver turnkey warehouse equipment and structures with painting pump solutions turnkey.

Real turnkey installation

Pekotek delivers the lines as needed as a complete turnkey installation that includes all costs. In addition to the actual painting equipment delivery, the entity most often includes;

  • chamber structures according to the customer's wishes and fire requirements
  • ATEX approved luminaires and components
  • manual and power & free conveyor tracks for handling parts
  • paint pumps and distillers
  • transfer trolleys

The starting point is the end customer's competitive process

Our own products and our own manufacturing at our Joensuu Finland workshop guarantee the reliability of surface treatment equipment, even in individual deliveries. We do projects from paint shop design and consulting to comprehensive turnkey deliveries.

Some of our personnel have acted as paint shop supervisors and surface handlers, which guarantees a real customer perspective for our solutions. We always think about the best possible outcome also through operating costs, which improves the competitiveness of end customers in the long run.

Pekotek's range also includes versatile digital productivity tools that can significantly improve the efficiency and quality productivity of the surface treatment line.

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