The most reliable grit blasting technology

Pekotek's patented Non-waste air-assisted grit recycling system is a very reliable and simple solution for modern grit blasting. 

The air-operated grit recycling system is a reliable and simple solution for modern grit blasting

The system is suitable for different blasting materials and can be used for several abrasives in the same system. Because the system does not have mechanical conveyors, its usability and service life are considerably longer than with conventional solutions:

  • Floor hopper system for collecting blasting material. Low foundation.
  • Transport, classification and dust filtration of blasting material. Only one fan for the operation of the whole system, no other transfer devices.
  • Compact equipment, flexible placement, quick installation.
  • Multi-material capability; e.g. for steel grit and alumina / glass beds blasting in the same chamber. The air transfer system combined with the magnetic separator guarantees excellent resolution and the change of blasting material simply and quickly by selecting from the switch.
  • Manual or robotic blasting
  • Protected special LED luminaires for the blasting chamber
  • Structures and wall guards suitable for the process
  • Combined blasting/painting/drying in thse same chamber (MOBL)

Air operated Non-Waste system

Pekotek's own patented Non-Waste grit recycling and cleaning system is simple and therefore energy-efficient and reliable. The air-recirculation system keeps the grit clean and dry. Transfer and grit recycling, the ventilation of the blowing chamber, the dust removal and the waste transfer are carried out with one fan. The fan is in clean air after the filter.

How air operated grit recycling works

Air is sucked in through the NON-WASTE floor suction hoppers (2). The air flow transports the used blasting material to the classifier (14) and returns the usable material to the blasting tank (19). Dusty air continues to the filter (13) which has an automatic compressed air pulse cleaning that drops the waste on the bottom of the filer (16). The fan (15) blows clean air completely out (8) or the air is returned (6) 80 % back to the chamber. Check out the animation.

Multi abrasive blasting

The Non-Waste system allows multiple abrasives to be used in the same chamber. In the so-called multi-grit blasting, different blasting abrasives can be recycled together with the same equipment by selecting the blasting material from the control panel switch. The air transfer system combined with the magnetic separator guarantees excellent resolution.

Combined blasting and painting

Large or difficult to move workpieces in production or in the case of limited facilities the entire painting process can be handled efficiently in one chamber. Combined chamber allows the part to be painted and dried after blasting quickly without a workpiece relocation as well as significant savings construction costs. Air operated Non-Waste the system allows painting in blast mode.

Movable blasting solutions

The container-built blasting, paint shop and dryer can be delivered in their own ready-to-operate transportable blocks, in which case an entire line is assembled according to capacity needs. The smallest units are implemented in magnum sea containers and the larger ones in steel-framed prefabricated containers. When the capacity is sufficient, the entire painting process from blasting to drying can be carried out in one container (MOBL concept).

Movable blasting equipment solutions

All Pekotek Non-waste grit recycling system equipment can be built in portable equipment containers. Mobile grit recycling systems are a flexible solution if grit blasting facilities may have to be relocated to different locations. Mobile equipment solutions also retain their resale value well and can be leased. Ask more about different financing and equipment rental options.

The operating costs of a non-waste grit recycling system are very low

The maintenance costs of the Pekotek Non-waste grit recycling system are very low. The air-operated Non-waste system has significantly fewer moving wear parts than traditional scraper floors. Service, maintenance and spare parts costs are therefore very cost effective. Read more about our service concept.

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