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Pekotek delivered a combined grit blasting and paint shop solution to Konecranes' Ukrainian plant in 2009

Midroc Alucrom

Pekotek delivered a mobile grit blasting solution to Midroc Alucrom AB in Sweden in 2019. The delivery included a mobile equipment room solution for grain recycling and the modernization of the collection floor.

Carelia Corro

Pekotek has agreed on an extensive maintenance cooperation with Carelia Corro Oy. The cooperation agreement covers all Carelia Corro Oy's offices and includes preventive maintenance of surface treatment equipment and facilities, as well as the Pekote

John Deere

The world's largest forest machine factory is in Joensuu, almost next door to Pekotek. Pekotek has provided John Deere with an additional painting site as well as a paint shop filtration and LED lighting modernization.


Pekotek has supplied Ruukki Construction and Rautaruukki with three large surface treatment lines for surface treatment of large steel structures


The automatic track painting line we supply to Ponsse has been operating since the early days of the Vieremä plant, ie for almost 25 years. We have also modernized this line and e.g. have already increased the grit blasting plant on several occasion

Metso Outotec

In 2008, Pekotek delivered a surface treatment line to Outotec Oyj's painting subcontractor, which included a Non-waste shot blasting plant, an energy-efficient wet painting plant and drying chmaber and a shot blasting machine.


To date, Pekotek has delivered six different surface treatment line solutions to ABB's Finnish and Estonian plants during 2006 and 2020.


Over the years, Pekotek Oy has delivered all of VR's surface treatment lines. At VR's plants, we started using 70-80% efficiency heat recovery as early as 1994. We also supplied VR with our first combi chamber, a combined grit blasting plant, in 1997

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