Pekotek Digital Twin

Paint shop condition and management system.

Pekotek Digital Twin monitoring and reporting applications tailored to your needs

Pekotek Digital Twin is a 3D modeling of an existing surface treatment line that displays critical data related to the operation of the line at a glance. The program works on a browser-based basis. You can view the status and operation of your line from any browser, for example your mobile phone. By monitoring the critical functions of your line, you ensure its quality productivity and delivery reliability.

Real-time status view of your surface treatment line

The paint shop's condition system provides a lot of useful information from the painting line, which can be used to ensure surface treatment conditions and uninterrupted production, as well as to improve productivity.

  • Critical information is presented in their proper places in line
  • Monitoring and recording of paint shop conditions
  • Condition monitoring and preventive maintenance of the surface treatment line
  • Surface treatment line utilization data
  • Energy consumption of the surface treatment line
  • Workpiece tracking
  • Differential pressure monitors for filters

The system can be expanded according to customer needs

Everything that can be measured with digital sensors can also be brought to the visual. Reporting tools can be used to monitor, for example, efficiency between shifts or utilization rates. The system can be installed to different extents, regardless of the plant supplier or age

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