Powder painting

We deliver powder coating solutions from a single device to fully automatic line solutions.

Modern cost-effective powder coating lines

We supply powder coating solutions from a single device to fully automatic line solutions:

  • Batch type powder coating plants
  • Continuous powder coating plants
  • Chemical and / or mechanical pretreatment
  • Manual or continuous conveyors
  • Power and free- conveyors
  • Painting equipment Powder recycling equipment
  • Powder coating ovens

Powder coating in brief

Powder paint is a coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. Unlike conventional liquid paint, which is delivered through an evaporating solvent, the powder coating is typically applied electrostatically and then cured by heat or ultraviolet light. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a curable polymer. It is usually used to create a hard surface that is harder than traditional paint.

The advantages of powder coating are e.g. environmental friendliness (VOC emissions), faster turnaround time and lower material costs.

Manual powder coating lines

Due to their flexibility, manual lines are better suited for mixed production with a variable number of workpieces of different sizes and thicknesses.
Powder coating lines can be constructed with either chemical and / or mechanical pretreatment (shot blasting or manual grit blasting). Typically, powder coating lines designed for sheet metal products are equipped with chemical pretreatment.

Automatic powder coating lines

Continuous powder coating lines achieve high volumes for standardized products. Automatic lines are often equipped with traverses and fast-changing powder collection devices, as well as continuous or power & free conveyors.

Chemical pretreatment / washing machines

Automatic chemical pretreatment consists of different steps that take place in the chambers of a washing machine. The number of steps depends on the properties of the product and the chemical supplier. Chemicals that need heating are used in special insulated stainless steel tanks with a heat exchanger. Generally, a temperature of 45 ° C to 60 ° C is sufficient for a wide range of applications.

Automatic chemical dosing systems as well as oil separation and purification systems maintain a smooth process.

Powder coating booths

Our powder coating booths have cartridge filters and post-filtration as well as an automatic cleaning system for filter cartridges.
Steel-framed powder coating chambers are a suitable and economical solution for production with little discoloration. Powder coating chambers with PVC antistatic wall panels are suitable for production that requires many color changes. The spray chamber is cleaned very quickly and easily thanks to the antistatic structure of the walls.

Powder curng ovens

Powder coating requires either oven or infrared heating to cure the powder. The powder coating furnace (kiln) is optimized for the size of the workpieces and often uses gas or electricity as its heating energy. A typical combustion temperature is about 180 to 220 degrees.

Powder coating line design

Our operations are based on solutions tailored to the needs of our customers on a piece- and production-specific basis. We first look at our customers ’production in terms of the process, after which we optimize the hardware solutions to the requirements of the process.

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