Pekocare Productivity

PekoCare Productivity is a service that increases the productivity of a surface treatment plant.
More painted parts with less effort.

Surface treatment line productivity

Surface treatment is often in a situation where equipment utilization is good, but no one knows when to be productive and when not. It is often difficult to find areas for improvement when it is not known which shifts and which production batches have been made and how well.

In surface treatment plants, a good measure of productivity (In Northern Europe) is about 80,000 - 100,000 € / person / year. Often falling below this is due to three factors:

  • Long lead time
  • Poor occupancy
  • Inefficient painting technique

Painting line occupancy

The due time is improved by reducing unnecessary color changes and identifying organizational errors in the painting queue. The filling level is improved by the suspension technology and by monitoring the success of the suspension. Painting technology can be improved through equipment improvements and staff working methods.

In the Pekocare productivity system, the occupancy rate is documented and evaluated, after which the data is brought into an easily reportable visual format. Once visual data is available, productivity-enhancing optimization measures can be performed

Personal paint shop developer

As part of the Pekocare productivity service, production analysis and development meetings are held with a designated Pekotek paint shop expert. The end customer's surface treatment process is honed in a spirit of continuous improvement to increase productivity.

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